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Authorize an increase in the amount of $20,000 to Purchase Orders with R.C. Law & Company, Inc. for City-wide printing services.


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R.C. Law & Company, Inc., dba Christian Printing, is a local service provider for printing services.  Aside from printing City envelopes and business cards, staff uses the services of R.C. Law & Company, Inc. for printing, mailing and postage of City newsletters or postcards. R.C. Law & Company, Inc. has consistently provided quick and quality service. City staff anticipates continued use of the company’s services for the City’s printing needs for the remainder of the fiscal year.  Additional services will exceed the amount currently authorized by City Council.



To cover the cost of services and postage through the end of FY 2015-16, staff request that the City Council to authorize an increase of $20,000 for purchase orders to R.C. Law & Company, Inc. for a total amount of $45,000. No additional appropriation is required as the expenditures are within the adopted FY 2015-16 budgeted appropriations.





Meeting History

May 17, 2016 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Tom Haughey, Council Member
SECONDER:Glenn Duncan, Council Member
AYES:Dennis R. Yates, Eunice M. Ulloa, Glenn Duncan, Earl C. Elrod, Tom Haughey