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Award a Professional Services Agreement to Albert Grover & Associates, Fullerton, CA for Citywide Engineering and Traffic Survey and Traffic Counts in the amount of $56,860.


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Budget String

Revenue: Expenditure: 3207110-43650-N7601 Transfer In: Transfer Out:



Engineering & Traffic Surveys (E&TS) are mandatory by the California Vehicle Code (CVC) to establish speed limits on roadways required for speed enforcement purposes. The City of Chino’s traffic officers have been trained and properly certified in the use of police traffic radar, and this equipment has also been calibrated as required by the CVC Section 40802.

The current fiscal year budget provides funds to prepare a new citywide E&TS.  Since the City of Chino is experiencing growth, certain roadways have changed, and new roads have opened, and prior to the expiration of our current speed survey approved in July 2011, staff solicited proposals from qualified professional engineering firms to conduct an updated E&TS.



On April 1, 2016, the City received three (3) proposals from highly qualified firms.  All three (3) proposals were consistent with the State of California Government Code Section 4526, and the City’s Purchasing Ordinance Chapter 3.32. The competing consulting firms were evaluated based on technical merit. 


The rankings are as follows:




1. Albert Grover & Associates


2. Willdan Engineering


3. Minager & Associates



Albert Grover & Associates, Fullerton, CA received the highest ranking in the proposal evaluation, thereby deemed as the most responsible and qualified firm to provide the service. Staff reviewed the cost proposal of the three (3) firms, and found the cost of Albert Grover & Associates of $56,860 is in line with the engineers’ estimate. In addition to awarding an agreement to Albert Grover & Associates for $56,860, staff is requesting City Council to authorize to spend up to $5,000 for unanticipated engineering services with Albert Grover & Associates, for a total possible contract amount of $61,860.




Meeting History

May 17, 2016 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Tom Haughey, Council Member
SECONDER:Glenn Duncan, Council Member
AYES:Dennis R. Yates, Eunice M. Ulloa, Glenn Duncan, Earl C. Elrod, Tom Haughey