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Adopt Resolution No. 2016-027 ordering the City Engineer to prepare and file a report for annexation of TM No. 18957 to the Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District 2002-1.


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On October 20, 2014, the City of Chino Planning Commission conditionally approved Tract Map No. 18957 to construct 84 residential lots on 17.68 acres on the southwest corner of State Route 60 and Benson Avenue (Exhibit A).  The conditions of approval required the owner to annex the property into the City’s Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District No. 2002-1 (L&LMD No. 2002-1).  Additionally, the tract and adjacent commercial properties are currently in Zone 61 of Landscape and Street Lighting Assessment District No. MD 83-2 (L&SLAD No. MD 83-2).  Staff has determined that the revenue collected from the property owners will cover the cost for maintenance, energy and reserves for unforeseen repairs for thirty (30) interior street lights and the property owner’s fair share of three (3) Benson Avenue street lights.  The street lights will be owned by the City. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) for this map is responsible for all of the maintenance and replacement of landscaping and lighting in the common areas.



The developer has requested the annexation of Tract Map No. 18957 to the City’s L&LMD. The funds needed to cover the deficit between revenue and costs for older landscape and street lighting districts has continued to increase over the years. As a result, the Mayor and City Council requested staff to investigate the possibility of requiring new in-fill development HOAs to pay directly for maintenance and energy/water costs traditionally paid by landscape and street lighting districts.

In response to the City Council’s request, staff analyzed these Districts and determined that the budget shortfalls for older landscape and street lighting districts are due primarily to the escalating cost of water and landscape maintenance operations as well as, restrictions on tax assessment increases allowed by the older districts. Because of this, the City no longer accepts new landscape areas into landscape and street lighting maintenance districts.

Staff is in discussions with Southern California Edison to evaluate the terms which allow for payment for street light maintenance and energy costs from HOAs of small in-fill projects in lieu of annexation into the L&LMD. Since Tract Map No. 18957 has already been conditioned to enter into the City’s L&LMD and is currently under development, staff recommends that the City Council authorize the initiation of the annexation proceedings for the street lights only. This will allow staff time to work through several details with SCE without causing delay to this project.

According to State law, the City Council must, by resolution, order preparation of an engineer’s report estimating the annual assessment for each parcel for lighting facility maintenance, approve the report, and by resolution order the initiation of the annexation process as set forth by State law.  By way of ballots mailed to the property owners, the property owners are requested to register their support or protest for the annexation to L&LMD No. 2002-1 and detachment from L&SLAD No. MD 83-2.  The ballots shall be tabulated at a public hearing held no sooner than 45 days after the ballots have been mailed.

It is estimated that the annual assessment for this project will be $3,745.88 ($44.59/parcel) for the first year.  The actual assessment will be based on actual costs and the assessment amount is subject to change each year to account for maintenance and energy cost changes.




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Meeting History

May 17, 2016 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Earl C. Elrod, Council Member
SECONDER:Glenn Duncan, Council Member
AYES:Dennis R. Yates, Eunice M. Ulloa, Glenn Duncan, Earl C. Elrod, Tom Haughey