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Approve Tract Map No. 18956, the Subdivision Improvement Agreement and Securities.


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Tract Map No. 18956 is presented by FH II, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, doing business as Frontier Communities for City Council action.  These are two existing parcels with one house and hay storage as well as a sales business on approximately 8.3 acres, located on the north side of Riverside Drive, east of Cypress Avenue.  The map will divide the two existing parcels into 59 residential lots and 22 lettered lots and substantially conforms to Tentative Tract Map No. 18956, which was conditionally approved by the Planning Commission on September 15, 2014 (Exhibit A).



The requirements made at the time of tentative map approval have been met by the execution of the Subdivision Improvement Agreement and the posting of necessary securities to guarantee the construction of public improvements.  The City Attorney has reviewed and approved the Subdivision Improvement Agreement and respective securities.





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Meeting History

Jun 7, 2016 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Glenn Duncan, Council Member
SECONDER:Tom Haughey, Council Member
AYES:Dennis R. Yates, Eunice M. Ulloa, Glenn Duncan, Tom Haughey
ABSENT:Earl C. Elrod