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Clarification of Site Location Described in Section 1, Subsection D of Ordinance No. 2017-004 and issuance of responses to public inquiries regarding Measure H.


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On April 4, 2017, the Chino City Council voted 4-1 to adopt Resolution No. 2017-015, which called for a special election and submitted to the voters Ordinance No. 2017-004. Scheduled for July 11, 2017, this special election places a "yes" or "no" vote to all Chino residents on what is now known as Measure H. Encompassing this election is the decision of whether Chino residents would approve or deny the conversion of 29.7 acres (generally located between Vernon Avenue and Benson Avenue, South of Adams Street, and North of the Chino Promenade Shopping Center) from the General Plan designation of RD 1 to RD 4.5, RD 8, and RD 12.



Response to Public Inquiries

At the June 6, 2017 Chino City Council Meeting, resident Ed Layaye addressed the City Council under Public Communications and expressed concerns over the accuracy of campaign material being distributed by proponents of Measure H. In response, City Attorney Fred Galante recommended that the City only provide details about the proposed project and avoid any comments on the campaign material's content. To offer clarifications, Mayor Ulloa directed staff to produce a report for the June 20th City Council meeting that answered the following questions:

·         The Total Size of the Proposed Parks

·         Location of the proposed additional turn lanes

·         Information pertaining to a proposed storm drain

Provided below are the clarifications to these questions/requests for information:

Total Size of the Proposed Parks - The Environmental Impact Report states that there are two "neighborhood parks" totaling 1.4 acres proposed as part of the project. Staff is currently uncertain if these parks are proposed as public or private. This is because the Tract Map has not been submitted for the site which would ultimately show which entity is being dedicated the park land. Furthermore, the park sites are smaller than a typical City park and the City does not yet have enough information to best determine if it would accept these as City parks.

Location of the proposed additional turn lanes - The Environmental Impact Report entails required mitigation, including improvements to the intersection of Francis and Benson Avenues. These specific improvements include the following:

·         Installation of a northbound left-turn lane. This does not exist today.

·         Restriping the southbound turn lane and southbound through-right turn lane. Currently, the space on the road for this configuration partially exists due to the width of the roadway. However, it is not striped accordingly.

·         Installation of a traffic signal.

Additionally, it is important to note that since the east side of the intersection is in the City of Ontario, and Ontario would have to participate in the intersection improvements, the developer is required to pay their fair share for the cost of these improvements to the City of Chino. The City of Ontario may need additional right-of-ways to make these improvements, which would ultimately happen at a future date.

Information pertaining to the proposed storm drain - The developer is required to build a storm drain in Benson Avenue along their project frontage that will connect to the master storm drain at Philadelphia Avenue. Any development activity on the property would trigger this requirement. Lastly, the conditions of approval outlining mandatory public improvements with this development have not been established since it is early in the process.


Clarification of Site Location

On June 14, 2017, resident Steve Bell informed staff of a clerical error had been made to Ordinance No. 2017-004 under Section 1, Subsection D. This section should be read as follows:

"The land which is the subject matter of this ordinance consists of 29.7-acres of vacant land located on the west east side of Central Avenue, north south of Francis, situated in the City of Chino, County of San Bernardino, State of California and more specifically described as follows:"

In response, staff consulted with legal counsel on its overall implications and affirmed that it ultimately was a non-substantial error that does not affect the July 11th Special Election. Furthermore, the maps and legal descriptions exhibiting the site location were all confirmed as accurate. However, in an effort to remain thoroughly transparent, staff would like to shed light on this clerical error to both the City Council and the public to minimize any potential confusion.




Meeting History

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