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Approve an Agreement with AXON Enterprise, Inc. for the Purchase of On-Officer Video Recording Devices, Tasers and Management Software for the Chino Police Department.


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Budget String

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The Chino Police Department currently equips its field personnel with Axon Flex Cameras to record contacts with the public for use in court proceedings, report preparation/review, complaint investigations, and internal reviews.  These recordings have proven to be extremely beneficial to field personnel, the Police Department, and the community as it lends to an increase in professionalism and transparency with regard to police and public interactions. Moreover, the Police Department has seen the benefit of the on-officer cameras in its ability to accurately document what has occurred as well as to provide valuable evidence in criminal cases. 

For the past several years, the Police Department has continued to monitor the evolution of video camera technology. The Department recognizes the critical importance that on-officer video plays in modern law enforcement. In today's world, the prevalence of surveillance cameras and cellular phone cameras often results in short video clips that fail to capture the full scope and nature of any given event.  On-officer video counters this problem by providing video recordings which tell the story from the officer's perspective. The new Axon Flex system has a 1 minute pre-event buffer that captures video for one minute prior to the officer activating the recording function, effectively allowing for officers to reach back in time and record critical events which happened before the officer could activate the system.

For the last three years, the Chino Police Department has utilized the Axon Flex cameras and media storage solution which has proven to be ideally suited to the needs of the Department. The cameras provide multiple mounting options, records in high definition video/audio, is small and lightweight, and offers the 1 minute pre-event recording feature as described earlier.  The cameras are reasonably priced and are manufactured by a leading law enforcement technology company with a strong history of storage solutions requiring only internet access to upload the video/audio files to Axon's secure, encrypted servers.  The system has been court tested and is currently in use by numerous police agencies. Furthermore, the platform provides robust access control and accountability while having no physical on-site storage requirements. 

Axon will be providing one-hundred fourteen (108 officers + 6 spares) new high definition cameras at the onset of the contract and two additional upgrades throughout the term of the contract.

In addition to the cameras, the contract provides for one-hundred eleven (108 officers + 3 spares) of the X26P Taser.  For the last 10 years, the Conducted Energy Device or "Taser" has proven to be a valuable force option for our officers when dealing with violent confrontations.  The new X26P Smart Weapon enables advanced capabilities such as charge metering and self-diagnostics, making this device safer and more effective.  In addition, the X26P provides the latest in X26 Taser technology to include: compact size, charge metering designed to optimize the amount of current output, higher performing power magazine (battery) offering more discharges, an audible alert and discharge cycle, and an automatic shut off after 5 seconds.  Additionally, the X26P holds up better to rain, humidity and other elements, has self-diagnostics that conducts complex analysis of the weapon's internal systems, firmware updates over the internet, integration, and self-reports "armed" status to nearby Axon cameras so they can begin recording. This new Taser will replace all existing Tasers and will have a 5-year warranty. 




As new residential, commercial, and industrial development continues to come to the City, the Police Department is anticipating a corresponding increase in calls for service. Continued deployment of the On-Officer Video System and upgraded Tasers will help the Department and its officers meet these increased service needs through higher productivity and enhanced customer service.

Contract costs are as follows:

·              Year 1 - $127,013.54

o              114 Axon Flex 2 Cameras

o              mounting clips/cables

o              18 charging docks

o               Unlimited storage/licensing

o              111 X26P Tasers

o              108 Taser holsters

o              Dataport download kits

·              Years 2 through 5 - $138,247.56 each

o              Continued Unlimited storage/licensing

o              Upgrade of all cameras at 2 ½ years and 5 years

This proposed contract, which has been reviewed by the City Attorney, includes annual maintenance which provides the Chino Police Department with technical support, along with on-going software updates and enhancements. 




Meeting History

Jun 20, 2017 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Gary George, Council Member
SECONDER:Tom Haughey, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Gary George, Eunice M. Ulloa, Tom Haughey, Earl C. Elrod