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Appropriation of Earned Interest on Grant Funds for the following Police Department grants: AB3229 FY 14/15 in the amount of $145.70; AB3229 FY 15/16 in the amount of $665.49; AB3229 FY 16/17 in the amount of $517.24; BJA 2015 in the amount of $0.95 and BJA 2016 in the amount of $0.39.


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Budget String

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Grant funds are required to be deposited in a trust fund account.  Any interest earned on these funds must be used towards the specific expenditures stated in the grant.  The Finance Department provides the Police Department with the earned interest amount for each grant.  The interest earned, therefore, must be appropriated to each specific grant fund in order to expend the funds within the time frame established by the grant requirements.



The City of Chino has accepted grants on behalf of the Police Department from the State of California and the Federal Government.  Grant expenditures are regulated by both entities and are precise as to what the funds will be used for and the time frame in which the funds must be expended.  These regulations also apply to any interest earned from the grant funds.  Appropriation of the interest earned is recommended in order to expend the funds within the regulated time frame.  The interest highlighted shall go back for use into each specific grant.  This report includes five grants, three are the State Citizens' Option for Public Safety Program (COPS) grants set to be used for personnel and equipment while the remaining two are Federal Justice Assistance Grants to be used for equipment only.


Meeting History

Nov 7, 2017 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Earl C. Elrod, Council Member
SECONDER:Gary George, Council Member
AYES:Gary George, Paul Rodriguez, Eunice M. Ulloa, Tom Haughey, Earl C. Elrod