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Approve purchase orders to Russell Corby, dba Security Lines US of Sherman Oaks, CA, for an aggregate total amount not to exceed $81,000 for the purchase of POD cameras


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Budget String

Revenue: Expenditure: 1304000-48090-G4703/1354000-48090-G4706 Transfer In: Transfer Out:



In early 2017, the Police Department purchased two POD (Police Observation Devices) cameras from Russell Corby (Security Lines US) of Sherman Oaks, CA. Security Lines US is the original equipment manufacturer of the POD cameras. Each camera consists of three pan/tilt/zoom cameras and one stationary camera.  Connectivity for the cameras is provided through cellular service and are powered through the light pole upon which each POD is mounted. These cameras are not discrete and are designed to be a crime deterrence by their mere presence. The cameras can be moved from one location to another by department personnel and have been utilized to monitor high crime areas, public events and areas that require extra police presence. The cameras can be monitored in real time at the Chino Police station by police personnel.

The Police Department has already seen a significant benefit with the two POD cameras it currently possesses. The deployment of the POD cameras has not only deterred crime but it has allowed for officers to be dispatched to specific areas when suspicious activity and crimes in progress are observed on the cameras.

We are using the original bid price and the cameras must be compatible with the same cameras already installed and, thus, bidding would not be necessary per CMC subsection 3.32.060.B, 1, which provides "No competitive advantage would be gained from competitive pricing, such as when equipment, goods, materials, supplies, personal property, or services are unique and are only available from one source.”



With the recognized benefits of the two POD cameras currently in use, several other locations have been identified throughout the city that would benefit from camera monitoring. 

On September 5th, 2017, Council approved the acceptance of the 2017 Justice Assistance Grant for the purchase of two POD cameras.

Additionally, the department is requesting four more POD cameras to be purchased with Citizens' Options for Public Safety grant funds (COPS Grant). This would provide the department with a total of eight POD Cameras. The cost of each POD camera is $8,076.  Annual recurring costs would be approximately $1,000 for data card cellular service.

This request is to issue purchase orders only; as appropriations required have already been made. Expenditures are projected to total $81,000. City Council authorization is required as the combined total of purchase orders will exceed $25,000 authorized to one vendor.



Meeting History

Nov 7, 2017 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Earl C. Elrod, Council Member
SECONDER:Gary George, Council Member
AYES:Gary George, Paul Rodriguez, Eunice M. Ulloa, Tom Haughey, Earl C. Elrod