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Accept the Chamber of Commerce Renovation Project, file the Notice of Completion, and release the retention funds.


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Budget String

Revenue: Expenditure: 6508310-43580-PF162 Transfer In: Transfer Out:



Included in the Building Management Fund’s 2017-18 fiscal year budget were funds for the construction of the Chamber of Commerce Renovation Project. The project’s scope of work consisted of replacing the exterior stairway, repairing the exterior’s trim/wood siding, and entirely repainting the building’s exterior. The project also included modifications to the rear public entrance to the building to meet current accessibility design guidelines. 


Construction documents were prepared and advertised for bids and on November 18, 2015, the City Council awarded a contract in the amount of $159,300 to R. Dependable Construction, Inc., San Bernardino, CA for the construction of the site improvements. Construction of the project began on February 16, 2016, with the Building Department conducting the final inspection on September 19, 2017. Building Department staff have verified that the site improvements meet all current accessibility standards.



During construction, several unforeseen items were identified in the field and addressed as modifications to the project. The design and construction of the exterior stairway had to be modified to accommodate the interior framing of the building originally constructed in 1887.  Additional modifications included widening of the accessibility ramp to accommodate for the increased size of the stairway, replacement of the existing curb for the parking lot, and modifications to the electrical panel to meet current building code requirements. These modifications were performed by the contractor as part of the project construction with the costs being summarized in Change Order No. 1.


The following is a summary of the final accounting of costs for the project:


              R. Dependable Construction, Inc. Contract                                                           $   159,300.00

              Change Order No. 1                                                                                                    $     14,137.00

              Final Project Amount                                                                                                  $   173,437.00


It was also recommended during construction that the path of travel leading from 7th Street to the Chamber of Commerce parking lot (located on the west side of the building) be upgraded to provide additional accessibility to the rear entrance of the Chamber. As the proposed improvements were outside the original project scope of work, additional plans needed to be prepared for the work.  Construction documents for this work were subsequently prepared and approved by the Building Department.  Bids are currently being received for the additional work and will be constructed as a separate phase of work outside the current construction contract.


R. Dependable Construction, Inc. has satisfactorily completed all work within the project budget and has complied with the terms of the contract.  The required manufacturers and installation warranties are currently on file with the City.  A Notice of Completion has also been prepared for filing with the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office.




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