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Receive and file a report regarding Monday's October 30th Workshop, memorializing the direction given by City Council to staff on the City's Sphere of Influence and Measure M.


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On October 30, 2017, the Chino City Council conducted a special meeting to discuss and provide direction on matters pertaining to the City’s Sphere of Influence as well as Measure M. After hearing public comments/recommendations, the City Council engaged in open discussion and ultimately provided direction to staff to procure studies that offer clearer options relating to the City’s policy on the Sphere of Influence and Measure M.



To reiterate and memorialize the directions given to staff by the City Council, the following summarizes the direction given in response to the October 30th meeting:


Sphere of Influence:


City Council confirmed current policy that sewer connections will not be made unless the affected property first annexes into the City.


City Council directed staff to procure the following studies :


·         Demographic Analysis


·         Analysis of Existing Land Uses


·         Economic Analysis (including property tax data and cost for service for both the existing City compared to that of the Sphere.  In addition, it should incorporate liability and exposure costs).


·         Infrastructure Analysis (with an interest in looking at infrastructure ranges, basic to current standards).


·         After receiving the above information, conduct a statistically significant public opinion survey to test the desire to annex to the City


Measure M:


Any changes to Measure M will require voter approval.  The Council directed staff to examine the following:


·         Changes in Language – Provide a legal conclusion whether the City may replace the term Zoning Map” with “General Plan Map” within Section 2 of the Measure M text which will effectively allow Measure M to be applied to the Sphere.


·         Forgo City Council’s Ability to Place a Measure on the BallotProvide a legal conclusion whether Measure M can be amended to prohibit the City Council’s ability to call a special election, requiring a developer to obtain signatures to initiate a ballot measure.


·         Special Elections – Provide a legal conclusion as to whether a Measure M can only be done by Special Election vs a General Election


·         Costs – Provide a legal conclusion as to whether all Measure M election costs be borne by the developer regardless of whether it is initiated by Council or through the signature process.


·         Plan Submittals – Provide a legal conclusion as to whether Measure M could require the developer to submit subdivision maps that provide greater detail as part of the election process.


·         Voting By-District


A) Provide a legal conclusion as to the number of signatures that would be required for a ballot measure amending Measure M by voting district (i.e. a percentage of register voters in the district or percentage of voters in the entire City.)


B) Provide a legal conclusion as to whether a Council Member representing the district be the only one capable on the City Council to forward a project to a Measure M vote?


Other Items “Parking Lot” to Research:


·         Community Plan Concept


·         Posting of Community Development Applications on the City’s Website


·         Monitoring County’s Update to Land Use Plan




Meeting History

Nov 7, 2017 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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