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Award a contract to Calgon Carbon Corp. in the amount of $200,000 for Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removal and reactivation services for the Eastside and Benson Water Treatment Facilities.


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In late December, early January 2018, granular carbon (GAC) filtration vessels were constructed at the City’s centralized water treatment facilities in response to the recently State approved Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 5 parts per trillion for 1,2,3 Trichloropropane (1,2,3 TCP). Since the installation, the carbon filtration vessels have been successfully removing 1,2,3 TCP from the groundwater supply.

The City operates a total of 18 carbon filtration vessels, each containing 20,000 pounds of carbon. The carbon removes 1,2,3 TCP by absorbing the contaminant, and over time will reach its absorption capacity which is known as “breakthrough. When this occurs, the carbon must be replaced. City operations staff have been monitoring concentrations through the carbon bed to determine the replacement schedule; it appears several of the filtration vessels will need a carbon replacement within the next few months. Carbon replacement may be achieved by replacing the carbon with new "virgin" carbon or by "reactivating" the carbon which was removed. City staff have elected to proceed with the reactivation method due to the cost savings.



Calgon Carbon supplied the filtration vessels and the carbon for the City’s centralized water treatment facilities, which are proprietary products. As such, a sole source agreement with Calgon Carbon to reactivate the carbon qualifies as one of the public bidding exceptions under Chino Municipal Code subsection 3.32.060, B.2. An approved sole source form for this agreement is on file with the Finance department.

Several filtration vessels require carbon changeout/reactivation within the next few months to continue to comply with the State MCL for 1,2,3 TCP. Consequently, Staff solicited a proposal from Calgon Carbon to perform municipal reactivation of the carbon on an “as-needed” basis. Calgon Carbon provided a proposal in which carbon shall be reactivated at a unit price of $1.01 per pound, and virgin carbon for make-up purposes shall be supplied at a unit price of $1.65 per pound. These unit prices will be adjusted annually according to the fee adjustment mechanism described in Exhibit VI to the Agreement. Staff recommends an award of contract to Calgon Carbon Corp. in an amount of $200,000 to provide GAC services for the Eastside and Benson Water Treatment Facilities.



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Meeting History

Jul 2, 2019 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Tom Haughey, Mayor Pro Tem
SECONDER:Paul Rodriguez, Council Member
AYES:Marc Lucio, Eunice M. Ulloa, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Haughey, Mark Hargrove